State and Regional Chapters Want Your Energy and Involvement

Several ASAM state and regional chapters reactivated in 2011 with new leaders ready to start working on local issues affecting addiction medicine and treatment. Some of the new or reactivated chapters include the Northern New England chapter (comprising Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont), the Kentucky chapter, and the Texas chapter. Others, including Alabama, Nevada, and the Midwest chapter (comprising Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska) are working towards reactivation.

Regardless of whether a chapter is reactivating or existed for a while, chapter leaders always look for members interested in getting involved. Here are some of the ways members may become involved:

Help voice opposition to state limitations on third-party reimbursement policies for medication-assisted treatments. This has been a hot topic recently, with activity in many different states as governors and legislatures are slashing budgets to cut costs. Mark Publicker, M.D., FSAM, President of the Northern New England Society of Addiction Medicine, and ASAM Patient Advocacy Task Force Chair Mark L. Kraus, M.D., FASAM are leading Component Session 5 “State Medicaid Limitations on Buprenorphine: How to Fight Back” from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday in Grand Salon West, Salon E. Dr. Publicker will share some resources and lessons learned from his recent work to stop limitations in Maine.

Start an online discussion on an important topic in your state through ASAM’s new website, and the Groups functions. Groups allow chapter members to share ideas, network, and create discussion forums and blogs. (To access the content for your chapter, log in to www.asam.or, select “Membership” and “State Chapters.)

  • Serve on a planning committee for an upcoming state chapter conference.
  • Volunteer to speak on an issue to a community group, or through an upcoming state conference.
  • Run for office in your chapter. State Board positions usually require minimal time commitments.
  • Volunteer to help encourage members to renew their membership, or lead a recruitment campaign to show prospective members all the benefits of membership. Contact the ASAM national office for more information.

Regardless of where you jump in to participate, the point is to get involved. ASAM state and regional chapters, and ASAM itself, need your involvement and energies to maintain a vibrant, effective specialty society. Contact the ASAM national office for more information,