See all Conference Sessions with Live Learning Center

At a conference as large and comprehensive as the ASAM’s Medical-Scientific Conference there are bound to be some hard decisions and missed opportunities regarding which courses to attend.

But just because attendees can’t be in two rooms at the same time doesn’t mean they have to miss any sessions. This year the ASAM is debuting the Live Learning Center. This online extension of the ASAM Website will contain audio from all of the presentations and printable versions of all handouts.

What’s more, accessing the Live Learning Center is free to everyone attending the conference. Non-attending ASAM members will have the option to purchase access to either specific workshops and courses or the entire conference. All content from the Ruth Fox Course for Physicians and the Pain and Addiction Common Threads courses will also be available.

While only 22 hours of CME credit are physically available at the conference, users can earn up to 51 credits through the Live Learning Center.

The Live Learning Center will be available at the end of May through a link on the ASAM homepage (