Ruth Fox Scholarship Brings Residents to Med-Sci Conference

Another diverse group of resident physicians attended the 2012 ASAM Medical-Scientific Conference and the Ruth Fox Course, thanks to the Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund. Each year, selected residents are invited to apply for the Ruth Fox Scholarship, which includes travel and expenses, lodging, registration to the Ruth Fox Course, Medical-Scientific Conference, the ASAM Awards Luncheon, and a three-year membership in ASAM.

Awardees are also invited to attend the Ruth Fox Course for Physicians and the ASAM Welcome Reception and New Member Reception, as well as all other Med-Sci events. Scholarship recipients also meet at the end of each day with the Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund Chair, Committee members, and Board members and other leaders.

The Endowment Fund was established in 1990, on the 35th anniversary of the founding of ASAM as a living tribute to Ruth Fox, M.D. (1895-1989), the ASAM founding president.

“The Ruth Fox Endowment Fund was started by the late Jasper Chen See, M.D., who felt that this fund needed to be protected and used for absolute emergency purposes only and to attract young physicians to the field of Addiction Medicine,” says Max Schneider, M.D., FASAM, Chair of the Ruth Fox Endowment Fund and Chair of the Ruth Fox Scholarship Program.

One of Dr. Schneider’s goals as chair has been to encourage resident physicians in family practice, pediatrics, and internal medicine, as well as psychiatry, to apply for the scholarship.

“They’re (family practice and internal medicine residents) the ones who don’t get this in medical school,” he says. “There are very few medical schools that teach addiction medicine.” These physicians are also often the first physicians that people with addiction-related issues often see.

The Ruth Fox Scholarship Program also has encouraged resident physicians from around the United States and Canada to apply.

“It’s important that word of this opportunity reaches to schools all around the country,” he says. “It is my hope that we can select residents from different groups each year to spread the word to as many training programs as possible.”

Previous resident physicians who have attended the ASAM Medical-Scientific Conference have provided positive feedback on their experience and have made good suggestions on topics to include, Dr. Schneider notes.

Endowment funds are maintained in a separate account from ASAM’s annual operating account. The Board’s policy is to keep the principal intact, using earnings to support designated activities. The Fund has reached $4.5 million in pledges and gifts toward its $10 million goal.

For information about making a pledge, contribution, bequest, or memorial tribute, or to discuss other types of gifts in confidence to support the Endowment Fund, contact Claire Osman at 1-800-257-6776 or (718) 275-7766, or via email at Contributions to the Endowment Fund can also be made on the ASAM website. All contributions to the Endowment Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.