Question of the Day: What Do you Like Most About the Med-Sci Conference?


“Med-Sci’s scientific/clinical presentations are great, but what I like most about the meeting is the opportunity to network with other physicians in addiction medicine. Med-Sci has allowed me to develop connections with addiction docs worldwide. We may only meet face-to-face once a year, but we always have each other’s backs.”

Penelope P. Ziegler, M.D.
Richmond, Va.

Wunsch “The Medical Scientific Conference provides needed intellectual stimulation by addressing broad areas of addiction medicine practice and research, particularly new and effective treatment strategies. As Co-Editor of JAM, the conference is a venue to find potential authors of original research and identify topics for clinical reviews and cases.”

Martha J Wunsch M.D., FAAP, FASAM
Blacksburg, Va.

Alley “My sole practice has been in addiction medicine since 1985 in a facility as the only physician. Med-sci conferences gave me the opportunity to confer with colleagues in the field. The sharing of ideas along with the opportunity to get  information on the advancements in this field are invaluable.”

Terry Alley, M.D., FASAM
Nashville, Tenn.

Haning  “This is the place that I can mingle:  be recharged by my incredibly smart colleagues, be physically with people whom I respect and of whom I am very fond, break bread with them. This society has always accepted me warmly, more than any other of which I am a member.”

Bill Haning M.D., FASAM
Honolulu, HI