New Website Developed to Teach Trainees About Addiction Medicine Specialty

A new website aimed at trainees has been developed to increase awareness of the addiction medicine specialty and explain how to become an addiction medicine physician.

The site, which can be accessed from the ASAM website under the Resident and Student Center link, was launched at the start of the Medical-Scientific Conference by the ASAM Physicians in Training Committee.

“It is like ‘Addiction Medicine 101,’” said Robbie Bahl, MD, chair of the committee. “This is a reference site and an introduction for people who are unfamiliar with the specialty.

“We developed a flow chart that is currently on the website. It takes you through the steps of the training process, with links to official board certification sites and other pertinent references. The goal of the committee and the website is to get more trainees involved, join ASAM, have them come to the ASAM conferences, and to learn more about the specialty.”

The website is aimed at medical students, residents, and fellows, but also has information that is relevant to attending physicians interested in the specialty, he said.

“The site discusses how you can pursue the specialty from the standpoint of a medical student, a resident, or an attending physician,” Dr Bahl said. “It is a reference for anyone wanting to know more about the new and upcoming specialty and how to get board certified. It is for all physicians, but we are trying to focus on younger trainees.”

The website has several important links, including to the American Board of Addiction Medicine and the main ASAM website. Information and resources regarding the basics of the specialty are easy to find, said Dr. Bahl, an Addiction Medicine Fellow at The Addiction Institute of New York.