New Edition of Principles of Addiction Medicine Available

HB 8.5x11fat 4C spineMed-Sci attendees can get an early preview of the fifth edition of The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine. Revised every six years, the newest edition will be available for purchase during the conference. Senior Editor Richard Ries, MD, FASAM, ABAM Diplomate, said it is the go-to source in addiction medicine, blending scientific principles with the practical essentials of clinical addiction medicine.

Clinicians and researchers rely on The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine to define the terminology and science of addiction, and provide a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and treatment of addictive disorders. In addition, policy makers, members of the press, and other professionals with an interest in addiction use the text as the key reference in the field of addiction medicine.

Much of the fifth edition is updated, said Dr. Ries, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Addictions at the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Center, Seattle. The authors also added new chapters and sidebars that are timely, including addictions in the military, post-traumatic stress disorder, and expanded sections on pain management, addictions in prison, and opioid overdose management. Because two of the editors are based in primary care, the book is written with primary care doctors, health care reform, and medical care issues in mind.

“The book represents a state-of-the-art resource in addiction medicine, not only because of the stature and qualifications of its authors and editors, but because of its linkage to ASAM,” he said. “Its chapters and sections are written by physicians from across all specialties, from surgery and medicine to psychiatry and pain.”

Contributing authors are recognized experts, covering areas such as cutting-edge neuroscience and pharmacology of addiction disorders, clinical diagnosis, assessment and early intervention, pharmacologic and behavioral interventions, mutual help, and 12-step programs. Authors also address addiction and co-occurring medical pain, and psychiatric disorders—backed by the latest research data and successful treatment methods, Dr. Ries said.

Readers receive a thorough grounding in both the scientific principles behind the causes of addiction and the practical aspects of clinical care.

“Having a wonderful set of co-editors with different backgrounds and strengths makes the book what it is; these editors include Dr. David Fiellin, Dr. Richard Saitz, Dr. Shannon Miller and myself. All the editors are deeply grateful for the great deal of work put in by the section editors and chapter authors,” Dr. Ries said.

The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine features numerous figures, tables, and diagrams to support the text, case examples, a list of data research reports provided at the end of each chapter, and expansive chapters on everything from club drugs to approaches to pain management. Purchasers of the fifth edition get access to an eBook version of the text, which is bundled with the print text, or available as a separate eBook purchase. The eBook is accessible on tablet, smartphone or online. In addition to portability, the eBook provides advantages such as enhanced navigation, a powerful search feature that pulls results from content in the book, readers’ notes, and the web. It has cross-linked pages, references, the ability to highlight and share text, and an interactive question bank with more than 300 questions.

“While some of the chapters are primarily research-focused, most of the book’s content provides practical tips for busy clinicians to manage the day-to-day addiction problems with practical methodology and evidence-based care,” Dr. Ries said.