New e-Learning Center Improves Online Education Options

114x76 bannerASAM has upgraded the online education options for its members with the launch of the e-Learning Center (e-LC), which replaces the e-Live Learning Center. At the end of the Annual Conference, the new e-Learning Center will have more than 340 hours of content, and more content in different formats will be added later.

The e-Learning Center provides 24/7 access to continuing medical education (CME) courses. All courses are self-paced so you can view them at home or at work when you have time. The new e-LC also is compatible with mobile devices, re-sizing to fit the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones.

In addition, the e-LC is easier to navigate and is organized to help users find topics of interest, providing content in different formats, and archiving CME credits so they are easier to access when needed.

If you had an account on the e-Live Learning Center, you automatically have an account on the e-LC. If you did not have an account on the e-Live learning Center, you can easily create a new account.

Logging on to use the e-LC is easy:

  1. Go to the ASAM e-Learning Center
  2. Logon name: This is the same as your CME logon.
  3. Password: Enter your last name in all lowercase letters.

When you log on for the first time, be sure to complete your profile, which includes interest categories. Based on that, the e-LC system can recommend sessions of interest or that would benefit your practice. To search for content on the site, content options can be sorted by conference, categories, or what is recommended to you.

The e-LC content includes all conference content developed since September 2012 in the form of PowerPoint presentations and synchronized audio from the presentation sessions. To see sessions available at no cost, go to “Free Sessions” under the Education Catalog tab. The new system also allows ASAM to add podcasts and videos, including some videos from the 2015 ASAM Annual Conference.

When users view session presentations online for CME, they will need to complete a quiz at the end of the session to confirm they listened to the entire session.

How to Access the e-Learning Center, View Slides and Claim CME:

Go directly to the e-Learning Center, or go the ASAM home page and click on the e-Learning Center button.

Full Registrants-Annual Conference and Pain and Addiction

  1. Select Dashboard from the left menu
  2. Select the conference registered for-Check out slides
  3. Select the sessions attended-For CME
  4. Enter verification code when prompted-For CME:
  • For ASAM Annual Conference: ANNUAL2015
  • For Pain and Addiction: Common Threads XVI: PAIN2015