Member Profile: Educating Non-Addiction Specialists

Norman W. Wetterau, M.D., FAAFP, FASAM

Norman W. Wetterau, M.D., FAAFP, FASAM

ASAM membership has served as a springboard for Norman W. Wetterau, M.D., FAAFP, FASAM, to inform and educate other specialists about the value of the addiction medicine specialty. He currently serves as a specialist in addiction medicine, Tricounty Family Medicine, Dansville, N.Y., and Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, N.Y.

“I am very concerned about the importance and need to educate primary care physicians and other non-addiction specialists treating individuals diagnosed with substance abuse,” Dr. Wetterau says.

An ASAM member since 1985, Dr. Wetterau is President of the New York Society of Addiction Medicine. He currently serves as ASAM’s Chairman of the Family Practice Workgroup, ASAM Liaison to the American Academy of Family Physicians, ASAM Representative to the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative, Program Committee Member for the Annual Medical-Scientific Conference, and a past member of ASAM’s Strategic Planning Task Force.

Through his involvement in an ASAM chapter, Dr. Wetterau has contributed to a number of legislative changes in New York laws, including preventing the passage of a bill supporting medical marijuana usage and achieving the passage of legislation that prevents individuals from being arrested for possession when they call 911 for a drug overdose.

He is clearly dedicated to serving ASAM, but he also relies on ASAM, too, specifically for continuing medical education.

“The Annual Medical-Scientific Conference, in particular, gives me an opportunity to learn new things that will help my patients,” Dr. Wetterau says.