Member Profile: Driving Force Behind Chapter Comeback

Xiulu Ruan, M.D.

Xiulu Ruan, M.D.

Four-year ASAM member Xiulu Ruan, M.D., has served as the motivating force in bringing back the Alabama Society of Addiction Medicine to full activity and service.

“I want to continue to be active, and the first step was to bring our chapter back to life,” says Dr. Ruan, who now serves as Interim Vice President of the Alabama Society of Addiction Medicine. He worked toward reactivating his state’s chapter after a period of inactivity.

He is currently Co-Medical Director and Co-Owner, Physicians’ Pain Specialists of Alabama (PPSA), Mobile, Ala., where he serves as the Director of Clinical Research and Director of the Fellowship Program at PPSA. Dr. Ruan has earned seven board/subspecialty board certifications, including Physical Medicine, Pain Medicine, Interventional Pain Medicine, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and subspecialty certifications in Neuromuscular Medicine and Pain Management by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

He relies on the services of ASAM, particularly the Annual Medical-Scientific Conference, to stay abreast of advances and issues in addiction medicine.

“Specifically, I have really benefitted from ASAM’s board review course and the annual conference,” Dr. Ruan says. “Undoubtedly, both were some of the best attended and organized professional events I’ve ever seen.”