Member Profile: Addiction Is a Health Care Issue

Daniel Glick, M.D., APBN, ABAM, FASAM

Daniel Glick, M.D., APBN, ABAM, FASAM

ASAM provides Daniel Glick, M.D., APBN, ABAM, FASAM, access to a dynamic network of career professionals who are leading a state-of-the-art, scientific movement to modernize and expand the working knowledge about addictive biology. The big impact of this work is driving a refocus on the problems of addictive disorders toward their appropriate categorization as an epidemic health care issue versus a legislative issue. Dr. Glick is an Addiction Psychiatrist at Scottsdale Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine and President of the Arizona Society of Addiction Medicine.

“American society still pretends to believe in temperance despite 13 years of failed experimentation with Prohibition and then collecting decades of rigorous medical research that corroborates a ‘disease model of addiction,'” he says. “These are medical problems that deserve medical solutions. Judicial solutions just haven’t worked, have they?”

He first became a member of ASAM in the mid-1990s, becoming inactive for a short time due to a change in his practice, and then later reactivating. Today, Dr. Glick remains highly involved with his local chapter, serving as an officer on its board of directors, chairing its past three annual medical conferences, and participating in community affairs. Additionally, he has contributed as a member of ASAM’s Physicians Health Committee. In recognition of his various efforts, Dr. Glick was honored to become a newly elected Fellow of ASAM.

“ASAM is a national resource of forward-thinking, dedicated men and women who graciously carry out ASAM’s mission and goals,” he says. “ASAM is a powerful leading voice in the contemporary dialogue on addiction.”