Continuum, the ASAM Criteria Decision Engine, to Be Launched in Grand Ballroom Foyer

D2-Continuum Mock-Up

Continuum, the ASAM Criteria software, will be launched Saturday in the Exhibit Hall.

The national launch of Continuum, The ASAM Criteria Decision Engine™, is the focus of a special presentation from 10 to 10:30 am Saturday in the Austin Grand Ballroom Foyer, on the Sixth Floor outside of the Exhibit Hall.

ASAM Criteria Chief Editor David Mee-Lee, MD, DABAM, will make a presentation on the nature of software and the strategy for having it recognized as the national standard of care for evaluation and treatment in addiction medicine, said David Gastfriend, MD, DABAM, the chief architect of Continuum.

D2-Continuum Logo“This is a revolutionary event for the field of addiction treatment. This is the first time a single evidence-based national standard has been produced. This is for the end-user counselor for routine assessment and reassessment of patients at all levels of care,” said Dr. Gastfriend, CEO of the Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia.

Following the presentation, attendees will be able to demo Continuum™ with the event sponsors: Compulink and Stratus EMR on tablets. The sponsors, Compulink and Stratus EMR have been offering demos at their booths, numbers #107 and #410 respectively, during exhibit hall hours. Both companies took initiative to be the first to offer Continuum™ to the public.

“This is the likely standard that can replace all managed-care prior authorization and utilization review programs,” Dr. Gastfriend said. “Because it guides the clinician to conduct an in-depth evidence-based interview and outputs the diagnostic criteria of DSM-IV and DSM-5, quantitative withdrawal scores, and the Addiction Severity Index composite scores, it provides a rich body of biopsychosocial information.”

ASAM Criteria was first tested in Norway and over the past three years in 20 treatment systems across the United States, and it had a high rate of acceptance and satisfaction from clinicians and patients, he said. Many states, cities, and managed care companies are now interested in migrating to Continuum™ for all placements, prior authorizations, and utilization review.

The clinical decision software will be launched through third-party distributors, including companies that sell electronic health record (EHR) systems and large addiction treatment systems. More than two dozen EHR developers have signed agreements with ASAM to launch the product, Dr. Gastfriend said. The names of those distributors, and any distributors to sign up later, will be posted on the ASAM website.

Those interested in seeing information about Continuum™ and signing up to receive updates on the product are invited to visit The website features some archived product demos and mock interviews using the assessment tool. Authorized resellers will also be listed on the site.