ASAM Members to Choose First Vice President in Election

ASAM members are encouraged to participate in the ASAM 2014 election this fall to choose officers and Directors-at-Large including the Society’s first Vice President. The new leaders will take office in April 2015.

The Vice President position was created to lead the Society if the ASAM President is unable to fulfill the duties of office, said Immediate Past President Louis E. Baxter, Sr., MD, FASAM, ABAM Diplomate.

“The idea behind the creation of this office was to have someone who could serve whenever the President is unable to serve, or is designated by the President to serve,” Dr. Baxter said. “Over the years, ASAM has had occasions where the President either resigned to take a government position, or became ill or incapacitated. The President-Elect was thrown into performing the President’s duties, so we thought that developing this new office would help in those situations.

“The qualifications are that the Vice President has served with the organization in the past, served on the Board, and not be interested in running for President-Elect in ensuing elections.”

The ASAM Board of Directors  approved the slate of candidates for the 2014 ASAM Election to include:

  • President-Elect: Kelly Clark and Rich Soper
  • Vice-President: Mark Kraus and Anthony Albanese
  • Treasurer: Brian Hurley
  • Treasurer and Director-at-Large: Ken Roy
  • Secretary and Director-at-Large: Margaret Jarvis and Brad Hall
  • Director-at-Large: John Tanner, Petros Levounis, Marc Galanter, Yngvild Olsen, Michelle Lofwall, Michael Levy, Peter Selby, and Paul H. Earley