ASAM Introduces the Interactive Exam Preparation (IEP)

Paul Earley, M.D., FASAM

Paul Earley, M.D., FASAM

ASAM adds its new Interactive Exam Preparation (IEP) to the list of options to prepare for American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) certification. This new resource, developed in partnership with Enforme Interactive, Inc., offers targeted literature, sample test questions, overview lectures, and more to better prepare for the 2012 certification exam. ASAM Board of Director-at-Large Paul Earley, M.D., FASAM, Earley Consultancy, LLC, Atlanta, helped develop the online resource as a supplement to ASAM’s conference-style Review Course in Addiction Medicine which is offered every two years. This year’s Review Course in Addiction Medicine will take place September 20-22 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Conference Center in Nashville and access to the IEP will be included for those who register for the course.

“The IEP is a great addition to ASAM’s education curriculum, but it doesn’t replace the Nashville course. It does, however, provide individuals with self-guided education, and the opportunity to receive interactive feedback on how they’re doing with their learning and preparation,” Dr. Earley says. “I would encourage both forms of preparation.”

ASAM’s board review course has long been considered an essential primer for physicians and other health care professionals who are preparing for a career in addiction medicine. Likewise, it’s an effective resource for other primary care providers working to improve their skills in identifying and managing patients with substance use disorders. ASAM’s traditional board review course typically features three days of speakers, access to a comprehensive print and electronic syllabus, and an opportunity to network with more than 3,000 attendees.

ASAM’s review courses have provided a solid foundation of scientific knowledge for addiction medicine, Dr. Earley notes. With the addition of the new IEP, the self-guided curriculum will allow individuals to dig deeper into the field. In its launch year, the ASAM IEP will feature 20 test preparation modules, which will include opportunities to problem-solve “what if” scenarios, review case studies, and follow links to even more resources. The IEP will also provide self-assessments, multiple-choice questions, remediation suggestions, a personal learning plan, and a learning journal. Every two years, ASAM will introduce additional modules.

“Certainly, part of the reason we introduced the IEP was to meet the changing needs of today’s busy professionals. But we really view this as complementary to our September board review course in Nashville,” Dr. Earley says.

In both instances, the Nashville board review course and the IEP will help individuals demonstrate knowledge of current clinical practice across the spectrum of addiction medicine by understanding numerous components, from the neurobiology of addiction to managing co-occurring psychiatric disorders. For those who cannot attend the Nashville review course, the IEP will be offered as a separate product on the ASAM website in May. Additionally, ASAM provides audio files of the entire course synced with the course slides and posted to the ASAM e-Live Learning Center. Registration for the course is available here at the ASAM Med-Sci Conference. Just visit the ASAM Exhibit Booth (No. 9) in the Exhibit Hall to register for the course.

“It really takes a different skill set to be an emergency room physician with knowledge of addiction medicine, and ASAM realized that early on,” Dr. Earley says. “We are proud to have recognition of this field through board certification. The addition of the IEP demonstrates our commitment to providing quality training in the area of addiction medicine.”