ASAM Confers Fellow Status for Demonstrated Achievement

Earning the designation of an ASAM Fellow demonstrates notable accomplishment. An honor granted only every other year, the FASAM title is bestowed on those ASAM members who have provided significant contributions in three different areas related to addiction medicine, says Paul H. Earley, M.D., FASAM, of Earley Consultancy, Atlanta.

“Fellows of the Society have worked for years, sometimes decades, for ASAM and its pursuits,” he says.

Dr. Earley says the criteria to become a Fellow includes being a member for at least five consecutive years, giving significant service to ASAM, and making considerable contributions in specific areas. Those areas include serving:

  • On the ASAM Board of Directors
  • As a chair or member of an ASAM committee, task force, or work group
  • As an ASAM delegate or alternate to the American Medical Association (AMA)
  • As an officer of a state society or chapter of ASAM
  • Through other noteworthy contributions

“It is important to show you have made a contribution to academic medicine or training, either by publishing papers or speaking to groups to train other physicians about addictive illnesses,” Dr. Earley says.

Participation in other medical and professional organizations can include service as an officer, committee member, or representative in medical societies or organizations such as the AMA, the American Osteopathic Association, and the American Psychiatric Association, as well as state and local medical societies.

Giving back to the surrounding community is also an important aspect for qualifying as a Fellow, Dr. Earley says.

“Candidates must show they are contributing to their communities, maybe through a nonprofit board that has to do with addiction services, supervising a free clinic, or working in a church or a local ministry—anything that shows you are giving back and promoting addiction awareness education or health,” he says. “A Fellow has to meet all of these areas over years or decades to be given the FASAM title.”

Dr. Earley says the awarding of Fellowships is important for ASAM.

“It is a great way for us to recognize members who have really given of themselves, sometimes tirelessly, to the care of patients who suffer from addictive diseases to the addiction research or treatment community and to ASAM itself,” he says. “ASAM Fellows are individuals who give their time to help others understand addiction is an illness that needs to be addressed with science and compassion.”