ASAM Board of Directors Meeting Actions

The ASAM Board of Directors met Wednesday and approved several actions.

Council and Committee Leadership Changes

The Board of Directors approved a slate of candidates to take over several Chair positions within the organization. Congratulations to:

  • Publication Council Chair: William F. Haning III, MD, FASAM, DFAPA
  • Finance Council and Committee Chair: Brian Hurley, MD, MBA
  • Legislative Advocacy Committee Chair: Corey Waller, MD, MS, FACEP
  • Membership Council and Committee Chair: Paul H. Earley, MD, FASAM
  • Physicians in Training Committee Chair: Todd Kammerzelt, MD
  • Nominations and Awards Council Chair: Stuart Gitlow, MD, MPH, MBA, DFAPA
  • Medical Education Council Chair: Mark P. Schwartz, MD, FASAM
  • Ethics Committee Chair: Louis E. Baxter Sr., MD, FASAM

FASAM Credential Changed for Members Certified by ABAM, ABPN

The Board voted to accept a proposal from the Membership Committee to change the current award designation of “Fellow” to a membership category to recognize members who are either board-certified in addiction medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) or members who are board-certified in addiction psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). In addition, the individual must be a member of ASAM for at least two consecutive years before automatically being designated as FASAM upon renewal of a third year of membership.

Individuals who were awarded the FASAM designation to recognize their significant contributions to the organization will automatically be recognized as “Distinguished Fellow” with a designation DFASAM. The current “Fellow Awards” will continue under the name “Distinguished Fellow Awards.”

These changes will be effective with the 2016 membership year. More information about these changes will be provided later this year.

National Associate Membership a Permanent Category

In April 2013, the Board approved the implementation of an “Associate Member” category to begin in 2014 as a pilot program at the National level. The pilot program has concluded and will now be rolled out as a pilot program to the Chapter level beginning in 2016. Chapters that are not yet ready to accept Associate Members will have an option to opt out of the pilot program. More information will be available later this year.

Payer Relations Committee Created

At its August 2014 meeting, the ASAM Board of Directors selected the creation of a payer relations function as one of its top three priorities for the next three years. To support that effort, the Board created a Payer Relations Committee to respond to, and be proactive around, policies by public payers (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare), private payers (e.g., national, regional, and local insurers), and purchasers of health care goods and services (e.g., employers, collective bargaining units) that limit patient access to quality addiction treatment. The Payer Relations Committee also will focus on the practice management needs (e.g., billing, coding, reimbursement) of addiction medicine specialty practices to assure that they can deliver optimal quality care for the patients they serve. H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, was appointed as Chair.

Board Seeks Clarification on Guideline

The ASAM National Practice Guideline for the Use of Medications in the Treatment of Addiction Involving Opioid Use will soon be finalized. The accumulation of evidence through clinical trials significantly lags behind practice for the treatment of opioid addiction. Given this gap, ASAM retained Treatment Research Institute in 2014 to develop a national guideline using a structured consensus process. The Board reviewed the draft document at its meeting earlier this week, requested additional clarification, and will reconvene in the near future to vote on its acceptance.

Consensus Document and Marijuana Policy

  • The Board approved a consensus document on urine drug testing.
  • The Public Policy Committee was charged to update ASAM’s marijuana policy.